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Fighting Fire

A couple weeks ago (ok maybe months now) I woke up to a constant barrage of sirens screaming near my apartment. When I finally dragged myself out of bed to investigate, this is what I saw:

I like that he’s smoking in this one…

Guys 3

Guys 2

Guys 1

The guys up in the crows nest (is that what they call it?). It was fascinating to watch them work.

Crows Nest

Number 44

The hoses were everywhere!


Hose 2

Spiderman rides Engine 22

Number 22




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Happy Birthday to my dear friend Lindsay (we call her Wiggles). We met as sorority sisters at Michigan State and I am proud to say have grown to be even better friends as adults. This weekend was Lindsay’s birthday so we decided to brave the strange weather and head down to North Avenue Beach for a little photo session. Here are some of my favorites from our day…



Proof positive that there is someone out there who appreciates my jokes!


I couldn’t crop this one because then you wouldn’t believe me when I say this girl can jump!



This is the standard Lindsay, always happy and smiling


She’s so gorgeous in this one!


I’m ending with my favorite shot of the day. I love the sass!


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Creative Inspiration

I always enjoy a good TED chat. As someone who finds that I am shy in the most absurd situations, this really struck a chord with me. I like how he talks about using an analytical framework and pre-existing capabilities to tackle old fears and turn your dreams into a reality.


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Baby Bunny

My sister and mom came to visit me for Easter! We had a great time, sleeping in, hanging out, going out to eat and my personal favorite, exploring the city with my camera.

My sister is always a willing model in these shooting excursions and this time was no exception. Saturday afternoon we wandered down to the newly upgraded Buckingham Fountain with some really fun shades that made for some awesome shots.





Slide down the railing!



I got a few more of her on the EL as we made our way back to my apartment. She looks JUST like old pictures of my mom when she was her age in this one…



I know this one was her favorite so I decided to use it to end the post.



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Spring is Here!

It’s official, spring is almost here! (I say almost because this is the mid-west. We’ll get at least one more bout of snow before it really gets nice.) Anyway, I had a fantastic weekend with my mom and sister.

We went shopping and I got a super cute pair of sandals and a purse to kick off my non-social existance for the next three months. (Big project on my plate at work but I’m still planning to blog and shoot as much as possible.)

I also took some great pictures of my sister down at the Buckingham Fountain. I will post those later this week after I’ve finished processing them.

Here’s a photo to keep you warm. I love Gerber Daisies and these made me smile!

Gerber Daisies - Red

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Family Visit!

Happy Dance! My mom and sister are coming out to visit me this weekend! I love family visits because they always mean lots of hugs. It also means time to play with my baby bunny (my sister)! She loves photography as much as I do so we’re always taking pictures when we’re together. Here are some of my favorites of her from the past year…(mom won’t let me take pictures of her so she’s not going to be included)


Bunny 1

Bunny 3

Bunny 4

Bunny 5

Bunny 2

Sadly brother does not also have the week off so he will not be able to join us 😦

Halloran Kiddos

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Harley-Davidson Museum

A few months ago my company took a trip up to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. We do a lot of work for H-D but this was my first visit to any of their facilities and I was pumped. It was also my first day with my new 50mm 1.8 so I was extra excited to take it for a test drive. The low lighting definitely made me glad I brought my good lens, I was able to capture all of these images without flash…

They had all kinds of old toys…


I have always loved inspirational quotes and thought this was great…


We took the elevator up to the garage where they restore the old bikes…



They had bikes on display from every year and so many possible styles…



My favorite part of the whole place was this giant wall of gas tank covers. I especially like the pink one!




And I have to end with this shot of the sunset complete with holiday lights.


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