Baby Bunny

My sister and mom came to visit me for Easter! We had a great time, sleeping in, hanging out, going out to eat and my personal favorite, exploring the city with my camera.

My sister is always a willing model in these shooting excursions and this time was no exception. Saturday afternoon we wandered down to the newly upgraded Buckingham Fountain with some really fun shades that made for some awesome shots.





Slide down the railing!



I got a few more of her on the EL as we made our way back to my apartment. She looks JUST like old pictures of my mom when she was her age in this one…



I know this one was her favorite so I decided to use it to end the post.



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3 responses to “Baby Bunny

  1. Susan Doheny

    Grace is a good model. Keep going
    and build up a portfolio!
    1, 4, 5, 7 are good ad material.
    1 looks like a sun glasses ad.

  2. Susan Doheny

    this is mom, my favorite is on the bus

  3. Lirg

    You should upload a pic of the Pegster for comparison.

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