Kennice & Karen go to Greektown

A while back I decided I wanted to explore the city with my camera for the day. I convinced my charming roommate Karen to join me for an adventure to Greektown. It was a great day so we ended up wandering all over the downtown area. Here are some of my favorite shots from that day:

We started in a small shop that sold all kinds of crazy candles. I had to sneak this one! (It’s all about the fast luck :-P)


Another stolen shot in a grocery store. The explanation for this requires a long story involving a mouse and my roommate keeping Ramen under her bed. We thought the mouse would approve…


Very tasty cappuccino!


The beautiful presentation of the chocolate mousse didn’t last long. It went straight from the table into my mouth…


Look ma! No spoon!


She’s a good model after you get her hopped up on sugar!


I enjoy finding random Christmas lights turned on during the day…in February…






My favorite shot of the day. Her nickname is “Shady” so I am really glad I caught this moment of silliness on the EL



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One response to “Kennice & Karen go to Greektown

  1. ok so you are amazing! you make me wanna learn how to actually take photographs! my fav is the one on the stairs 🙂 AND all these pics make me wanna move to chicago!

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