Was it Rodge?

Apparently Roger and I both went to Michigan State and have a lot of the same friends. I vaguely remembered meeting him years ago so I was excited when my friends told me that he was coming to town and was looking for someone to shoot some new photos. Well, having been stuck working on the interwebs for the past month straight I jumped at the chance for a photo shoot. We decided since we were both super busy it would just be something quick and dirty, a plan I think turned out really well. I had an absolute blast shooting Roger and I can’t wait for him to come back to town so we can do something more formal. Thanks Roger for a great day!

A little extra background, Roger is a wonderful actor based in New York. Check him out http://www.RogerWingfield.com




And then the glasses came off…



These last three are my absolute favorites from the shoot. (Especially the last one!)





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2 responses to “Was it Rodge?

  1. Yana

    Rog, look at how CUTE you look! You have a Eric McCormack look going on and I’m digging it!!! Hope NYC is treating you well. Best of luck with everything!-Yana

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