Sparty On!


Hola friends,

I’m working and packing furiously for my much needed vacation  in Mexico next week but I wanted to share some new photos from my trip to MSU a few weeks ago. It had been 3 years almost to the day since I had set foot on the banks of the Red Cedar river and I have now promised to not make that mistake again. I’ll be back soon my beloved school but until then I’ll have these great photos to tide me over!

One thing I don’t like about the city is the lack of trees and amazing fall colors. I definitely don’t miss the raking though…

Homecoming_MSU (17)

The beautiful Beaumont Tower in the middle of campus

Homecoming_MSU (16)

Spartan sibling photo with Sparty!

Homecoming_MSU (11)

I did some serious damage at the book store. I now have enough MSU gear to last another 3 years.

Homecoming_MSU (5)

Homecoming_MSU (21)

Tailgate! (Taken by Roomie)

Homecoming_MSU (27)

And here she is, my beautiful roomie. Love. This. Girl. (We lived across the hall as freshmen and together for the next three years.)

Homecoming_MSU (26)

So glad I got a chance to see my big! (It’s a sorority thing)

Homecoming_MSU (25)

My fabulous tailgate friends.

Homecoming_MSU (23)

The absolutely AMAZING MSU Marching Band. They always put on a great show.

Homecoming_MSU (31)

The girls at the game



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