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On the Banks of the Red Cedar

This past weekend I finally went to my old stomping grounds, Michigan State. It was such a great weekend full of old friends and Big Ten sports I can’t believe I waited three years to do it. Rest assured I won’t make that mistake again. Here are some of my iPhone photos. I will be posting the others soon.


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Still in Love

It’s been almost 6 months and we’re still in love. Every day I find something new I love about you, dear sweet iPhone.

That’s right, I’m in love with my phone. From it’s ability to keep me connected and laughing on my ride home from work to all the photo apps available, I can’t get enough. I recently downloaded the “Best Camera” app from Chase Jarvis and have been playing a lot. My favorite is using it along with ShakeIt Photo. Here are just a few of my recent shots from the good ol’ phone.

M*WUAH! (That’s for you, iPhone)

P.S. I’m rolling my way to East Lansing (yay for the train and broadband) for homecoming weekend. I can’t wait to explore campus with my big DSLR (I didn’t have one in college).

Apple Picking - Ride HomeBathroom Lasalle Electric Co.Air ShowCatherine's Birthday Cab RideTrain_ BlueCubs game Cop CarChicago BridgeThe rear viewNo turn here

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I’m on a Boat!

Yes, catching up on my life has been a challenge these past few weeks. For instance, I called up a friend and found out she had finished grad school, passed her exam, accepted and started a job, moved AND started dating someone all while I dropped off the face of the planet. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Anywho, I had the good fortune to spend the 4th of July on the water. My friend Kerry’s parents have a lovely boat they keep downtown and they were gracious enough to allow me to crash their party. It was a beautiful day full of boat rides, drinks and so much good food I can’t even talk about it all. Here are some of the pictures from our day on the H2O.

July4-1 (1)

July4-1 (4)

Driving lesson on the boat = Kennice almost falling overboard

July4-1 (15)

July4-1 (28)

July4-1 (35)

July4-1 (37)

July4-1 (44)

July4-1 (46)

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Pride Brunch

I know this post is a long (very long) time coming but it has taken me a while to get through all the pictures. Since I live on the parade route, my roommate and I decided to host the 2nd Annual Pride Brunch on the morning of the Chicago Pride Parade. It was a beautiful day and we had a great gathering of friends. I have to say, watching the parade from the comfort of your own home as opposed to hanging out with the masses is definitely the way to go. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Coming soon…parade pictures!

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Was it Rodge?

Apparently Roger and I both went to Michigan State and have a lot of the same friends. I vaguely remembered meeting him years ago so I was excited when my friends told me that he was coming to town and was looking for someone to shoot some new photos. Well, having been stuck working on the interwebs for the past month straight I jumped at the chance for a photo shoot. We decided since we were both super busy it would just be something quick and dirty, a plan I think turned out really well. I had an absolute blast shooting Roger and I can’t wait for him to come back to town so we can do something more formal. Thanks Roger for a great day!

A little extra background, Roger is a wonderful actor based in New York. Check him out




And then the glasses came off…



These last three are my absolute favorites from the shoot. (Especially the last one!)





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A few weeks ago over drinks my friend Sushma and I started talking about how I wanted to do more portrait sessions. Because she is amazing and gorgeous, she agreed to be my model and to show off some of her Indian heritage in the process. We spent Saturday morning down in the flower gardens by Lincoln Park Zoo, laughing and having a blast. (I even have the sunburn to prove it!) Anyway, here are some of my favorites from our shoot. Every time I have looked at these pictures in the past week it has brought a huge smile to my face. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my dear friend as much as I do.










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Chicago iPhone Pics

Well, it is officially spring in Chicago. The weather is chilly and I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen the sun for days with all the rain we’ve been having. Because I like to live dangerously (and by dangerous I mean randomly) I decided today that I wanted to pull the images off my iPhone because I have a few I wanted to share.

I love the angle I got on this one – it looks like the bus is trying to run away. Chicago Bus

Even walking in Chicago you run into pot holes…

Chicago Crosswalk

April Showers bring Tulips!

Chicago Spring

Leaving Milwaukee to come back to Sweet Home, Chicago

Milwaukee to Chicago

A self-pic that I think turned out rather well…I can still feel the sun on the back of my neck

Self Portrait - Chicago

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