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Harley-Davidson Museum

A few months ago my company took a trip up to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. We do a lot of work for H-D but this was my first visit to any of their facilities and I was pumped. It was also my first day with my new 50mm 1.8 so I was extra excited to take it for a test drive. The low lighting definitely made me glad I brought my good lens, I was able to capture all of these images without flash…

They had all kinds of old toys…


I have always loved inspirational quotes and thought this was great…


We took the elevator up to the garage where they restore the old bikes…



They had bikes on display from every year and so many possible styles…



My favorite part of the whole place was this giant wall of gas tank covers. I especially like the pink one!




And I have to end with this shot of the sunset complete with holiday lights.



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Creative Inspiration

As I sat wondering how to begin this blog, a little help fell into my lap. I found this talk given at TED by Elizabeth Gilbert. It reminded me that my creative genius will not be with me every day but I need to show up regardless. So, with that I say Ole! and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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