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Gratuitous Grace

That’s right, this post is all about gratuitous photos of my sister (ok, Gus made the cut too). We decided to play with my new camera on high ISO when I was home for Thanksgiving. This is what happened. Enjoy!

This is Gus, the lab/terrier (read: most adorable terror on four paws). He decided he wanted in on the action.

The last two are my favorites…


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My Boys: Gus and Opi

I was having a wave of home sickness the other day and was going through my family photos folder when I stumbled on these gems. These two fur balls are the family dogs; Gus and Opi. We’ve had Opi for 11 years and Gus for a little over 3. They’re both some sort of lab mix adopted from the Humane Society in Michigan. Opi was a constant in my life through high school and college. He is paws down the best dog you could ask for, obediant, affectionate and gentle, he has a wonderful spirit. Gus is the baby, he’s high energy, curious and your classic troublemaker. These two were my shadows (because I was the designated walker) during the months I spent at home before moving to Chicago. Even now when I come home, they are every hopeful shadows looking for the chance for a walk and always egar for a little lovin’. I look forward to the day when I can open my home to dogs or my own but for now, I’ll take these two.

Oh hai, I can haz kiss now?


When you talk to him in certain tones he cocks his head like this, it is the cutest thing I have every seen.


How can you not love this face?


Our regal old dog, Opi.


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