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Ice Skates and Chili

Part two of my Christmas holiday with mother’s family was a cousin skating party at the Rocky River arena. I haven’t been on skates in years but just like riding a bike, I got on the ice and was zipping around in no time. Before I knew it I had spent almost 3 hours on the ice! I definitely need to go again this year, maybe in Millenium Park. Who wants to go?

Here are the girlies in their skating outfits. There were so many people there that we didn’t even need jackets (or long sleeves)!

Doesn’t she look like the female Waldo? These are the awesome 3-D glasses her dad got when he saw Avatar. I’m pretty sure she didn’t take them off for 2 days. It definitely made her easy to spot on the ice.

After the skating was over we headed over to my cousin’s house for a chili dinner. Her basement is a kid’s dream play room complete with chalkboard wall, stage and costumes! I took full advantage of all the kids goofing around.

This little guy was really excited that everywhere you turned there were cookies and candy canes within his reach. Pretty sure he is polishing off a candy cane in this picture.

I think that the mammoth men call this “jowling”, I’m not sure why but it’s hilarious!

My sister, looking gorgeous as usual.

All he needs is the hat and we’ve got a little Waldo!



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A Wonderful Christmas Time

This year for Christmas my family traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to spend the holiday with my mom’s family. It’s a rare year that a large group is able to make it in for the holiday (mom is 1 of 9) so it was definitely a special occasion year. I had so much fun hanging out with all my cousins and meeting the newest member of our family! Here are some of the pictures from Christmas Eve.

Uncle (grandpa) John reading The Night Before Christmas while we wait for Santa…

Santa’s helpers imported from Austin, Texas

The newest member of our family takes a turn on Santa’s lap

The Boston contingency

The young girls of the family. They were inseparable during our visit.

All the cousins, spouses and the next generation

The group in our natural state…

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Kennice & Karen go to Greektown

A while back I decided I wanted to explore the city with my camera for the day. I convinced my charming roommate Karen to join me for an adventure to Greektown. It was a great day so we ended up wandering all over the downtown area. Here are some of my favorite shots from that day:

We started in a small shop that sold all kinds of crazy candles. I had to sneak this one! (It’s all about the fast luck :-P)


Another stolen shot in a grocery store. The explanation for this requires a long story involving a mouse and my roommate keeping Ramen under her bed. We thought the mouse would approve…


Very tasty cappuccino!


The beautiful presentation of the chocolate mousse didn’t last long. It went straight from the table into my mouth…


Look ma! No spoon!


She’s a good model after you get her hopped up on sugar!


I enjoy finding random Christmas lights turned on during the day…in February…






My favorite shot of the day. Her nickname is “Shady” so I am really glad I caught this moment of silliness on the EL


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