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Pride Brunch

I know this post is a long (very long) time coming but it has taken me a while to get through all the pictures. Since I live on the parade route, my roommate and I decided to host the 2nd Annual Pride Brunch on the morning of the Chicago Pride Parade. It was a beautiful day and we had a great gathering of friends. I have to say, watching the parade from the comfort of your own home as opposed to hanging out with the masses is definitely the way to go. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Coming soon…parade pictures!


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A few weeks ago I purchased my first professional grade flash. With my schedule being what it is, I finally got the chance to take it out for a spin this weekend. I would like to issue a special THANK YOU to my sister and her friends who were more than willing to be my models as I experimented with various settings and got used to my new baby. Lucky for me my sister has a gorgeous group of friends so they made my job easy. Here are some of my favorites.

All the girlies

Group Shot

They were all laughing and giggling the whole time, I’m glad I got this one…




These two have been besties for a long time. I love this pic of the two of them.

Car and Tay

This one reminds me of an 80’s movie…


Pretty standard for the baby bunny…



This is my favorite – we took a bunch of these and in every single shot one of them always has their tongue out


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