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Inspiration for July

This has been a busy month for my interwebs job. Our newest site launches Saturday morning! I have been so busy with it that I haven’t had time to shoot/edit images for a while. I will pick up again next week but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the items I’m enjoying right now:

Great little Taylor Swift song…

Also booked a little vacay to Mexico. It’s not till November but I’ve been singing every possible song about Mexico I can find. James Taylor and Montgomery Gentry have a couple good ones!

I am hoping to be able to post my pictures from the Pride Parade and Brunch very soon. Look for updates!



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A few weeks ago over drinks my friend Sushma and I started talking about how I wanted to do more portrait sessions. Because she is amazing and gorgeous, she agreed to be my model and to show off some of her Indian heritage in the process. We spent Saturday morning down in the flower gardens by Lincoln Park Zoo, laughing and having a blast. (I even have the sunburn to prove it!) Anyway, here are some of my favorites from our shoot. Every time I have looked at these pictures in the past week it has brought a huge smile to my face. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my dear friend as much as I do.










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Just Dance

Hilarious and poignant speech from Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane’s Commencement Ceremony:

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Creative Inspiration

As I sat wondering how to begin this blog, a little help fell into my lap. I found this talk given at TED by Elizabeth Gilbert. It reminded me that my creative genius will not be with me every day but I need to show up regardless. So, with that I say Ole! and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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