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Engagement: Leslie and Joe

Last Monday I got a call from Joe who was in the process of setting up the perfect birthday celebration for his girlfriend Leslie. They would go out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Quartino followed by a walk through downtown Chicago. They would end their evening at Buckingham Fountain for the Wednesday night summer fireworks. While on their walk, Joe would give Leslie small gifts leading up to her big surprise that she would receive at Buckingham Fountain.

Joe had commissioned Leslie’s best friend to create a painting of the two of them to capture the evening, Buckingham Fountain, the Fireworks with Joe down on one knee holding a ring PROPOSING to Leslie. How  is that?!

My mission? To secretly follow them around and capture the night in photos without getting caught by Leslie. I met up with them about halfway through dinner, down Michigan Ave., through Millennium Park (where I had to dive into a bush to keep from being seen) and on to Buckingham Fountain. Joe’s whole plan worked like a charm, she was completely surprised and immediately said,YES! Congratulations again you two! Here are some of my favorites from the evening:

The staff at Quartino was amazing. They were incredibly open and flexible, allowing me to get a few stealth shots. I’m pretty sure by the time I left, half the wait staff knew what was happening and were super helpful in tipping me off to when they were leaving. P.S. Their food is AMAZING…


JoeandLeslie_06242009 (6)

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (11)

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (12)

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (16)

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (45)

This moment happened right after Joe put the ring on her finger, so sweet!

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (19)

We did a little reenactment so I could use the flash and really catch the moment. They were still both so in the moment, it could have been the real thing 🙂

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (70)

A quick photo with the painting, which was absolutely stunning!

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (76)

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (90)

These last two are my favorite shots from the night…

JoeandLeslie_06242009 (23)

The Kiss


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