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Playing with Light

It’s officially a family affair this photography hobby of mine. My sister got her first digital Canon Rebel while I was home last weekend and of course we spent the entire time playing with the settings. Because we’re awesome we spent Saturday night (yes, Saturday night) in the dark playing with multiple and long exposures. Here’s some of the fun…

We even got brother in on the action…

The Halloran standard, get all three of us in a single picture and at least one of us has our tongue out

My favorite – it’s a total lie but you get the idea


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Me and Gracie down at the Train Yard

On my trip home my siblings and I went on a photo safari in downtown Detroit. Not knowing how much longer this beautiful building will be in our lives, our first stop was the old Train Depot. We packed an old mink of my grandma’s as a prop.

We went down to find the Ambassador Bridge for some more photos

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Nicole – A Photo Shoot

I finally got the guts to go out and buy myself a new lens that I am pretty sure my friends are sick of hearing about. Well, it finally arrived on my birthday and my friend Nicole was kind enough to test it out with me last weekend. Nicole just finished Law School and passed the bar this summer. Congrats Nicole and thanks for being my model for the day!

One of my favorites right here!

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Puerto Vallarta – Part 1

Last week I finally took my first “adult” vacation. By that I mean I went on a vacay with a good friend instead of siblings or parents.


Amy and I spent our days sunning ourselves, swimming and getting massages. Our nights were spent watching sunsets and having some of the most delicious food on the planet.

Below is part 1 of the photos. Another round to come later this week. Enjoy!

The View


Daily diet basics…


My lovely travel companion



Delicious bruschetta and some of the best tiramisu i have ever tasted all wrapped up with a gorgeous sunset bow.






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Still in Love

It’s been almost 6 months and we’re still in love. Every day I find something new I love about you, dear sweet iPhone.

That’s right, I’m in love with my phone. From it’s ability to keep me connected and laughing on my ride home from work to all the photo apps available, I can’t get enough. I recently downloaded the “Best Camera” app from Chase Jarvis and have been playing a lot. My favorite is using it along with ShakeIt Photo. Here are just a few of my recent shots from the good ol’ phone.

M*WUAH! (That’s for you, iPhone)

P.S. I’m rolling my way to East Lansing (yay for the train and broadband) for homecoming weekend. I can’t wait to explore campus with my big DSLR (I didn’t have one in college).

Apple Picking - Ride HomeBathroom Lasalle Electric Co.Air ShowCatherine's Birthday Cab RideTrain_ BlueCubs game Cop CarChicago BridgeThe rear viewNo turn here

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Chicago iPhone Pics

Well, it is officially spring in Chicago. The weather is chilly and I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen the sun for days with all the rain we’ve been having. Because I like to live dangerously (and by dangerous I mean randomly) I decided today that I wanted to pull the images off my iPhone because I have a few I wanted to share.

I love the angle I got on this one – it looks like the bus is trying to run away. Chicago Bus

Even walking in Chicago you run into pot holes…

Chicago Crosswalk

April Showers bring Tulips!

Chicago Spring

Leaving Milwaukee to come back to Sweet Home, Chicago

Milwaukee to Chicago

A self-pic that I think turned out rather well…I can still feel the sun on the back of my neck

Self Portrait - Chicago

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A Couple Portraits


Can I just tell you how excited I am for this weekend?! The summer fun officially kicks off with Cub Hunt this Saturday. Cub Hunt is a scavenger hunt started last year by a friend of mine. I’ll be spending the whole day with my closest friends, running around the city of Chicago acting like a total goofball, what could be better? I will definitely be taking my my camera and capture the shenanigans! Until I have some of those pics to post, here are some of my favorite portrait shots I wanted to share.





Copy of PICT0201


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