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The Brand Nu Boys

This is Nick (left) and Nate (right). Today they are celebrating the launch of their fabulous Detroit based line of t-shirts and hoodies called Brand Nu. I met these boys through my brother and was so excited when they contacted me about shooting their Spring collection. They are just starting out in the fashion industry and judging from the looks of things so far, they’re going to be great! Congratulations Nick and Nate, best of luck with the line!

I’m still editing the group and girls shots but I had to get the boys out here in honor of launch day. Below are some of my favorites. Can you spot my brother?

These last three are my absolute favorites!


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Me and Gracie down at the Train Yard

On my trip home my siblings and I went on a photo safari in downtown Detroit. Not knowing how much longer this beautiful building will be in our lives, our first stop was the old Train Depot. We packed an old mink of my grandma’s as a prop.

We went down to find the Ambassador Bridge for some more photos

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Gratuitous Grace

That’s right, this post is all about gratuitous photos of my sister (ok, Gus made the cut too). We decided to play with my new camera on high ISO when I was home for Thanksgiving. This is what happened. Enjoy!

This is Gus, the lab/terrier (read: most adorable terror on four paws). He decided he wanted in on the action.

The last two are my favorites…

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My Waldorf Education

In 1993 my parents decided they wanted to explore options for my education. I was sent to visit a small school 45 minutes away from my home and thrown into music, language and art classes I didn’t understand. I wondered where the text books were and why we seemed to be on a totally difference academic level. I mean, weren’t we all the same age? Shouldn’t we be studying the same things?

Over the next 5 years I struggled to catch up to those same students, learning two languages (Spanish and German) developing my inner artist and trying to master various instruments all while learning math, science and everything else “normal” kids were learning in their schools.

Life after Waldorf was an adjustment as I went to a rigorous college prep Catholic high school and then a Big Ten University where even among the masses I felt my approach to life was very different from everyone else. It has taken me the better part of 10 years to fully appreciate the value of my Waldorf education. It taught me to look at my  life and the world from all available angles, encouraged my passion for learning new things and was the only place where I was ever truly comfortable to be my whole self.

It is absolutely impossible for me to convey in a blog post the magical and unique sense of family and self that develops in a Waldorf community. From the students, faculty, staff and even families everyone involved is an integral part of each journey. I am not going to attempt to go on but I encourage you to explore the Waldorf website and I would gladly take the time to discuss my experiences with anyone who is interested.

Here are some images from the Detroit Waldorf School (my alma mater) Auction I shot when I was home last week.


The beautiful hand made pieces that were up for auction…


The fabulous Miss Beth in one of her creations…



I had to resist the urge to go up and pet her…this jacket was amazing!





Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hangin’ in the D

Last week I took a few days off work and went home to the Detroit suburbs for a visit. Naturally I brought my camera and subjected my family to multiple photo safari’s around the city. Here are some shots from the afternoon/evening I spent downtown with my mom before celebrating a late mother’s day.

Aah the People Mover, all two cars of public transit glory…

People Mover

The train station. There are block letters across the top that say “Save the Depot”. Sadly, I did not get a good shot to share.

Depot 1

Depot 2

Depot 3

On our way to dinner in Corktown we had to stop at the old Tiger’s Stadium. It was pretty cool, they had basically cut the thing in two.

Tigers Stadium

Tigers Stadium 2

The iconic “D”

The D


I have no idea where this door went but it made me laugh so I had to add it into the post




Showin’ off the Detroit Pride + some Motown action

Detroit Pride

We had dinner at Slow’s – I had some pretty AMAZING pulled pork, the ribs weren’t bad either 🙂 On a separate note, living in Chicago has totally spoiled me on the whole no smoking in public buildings. I’m just glad the weather was nice so we got to enjoy our meal outside, smoke free!



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